Hi I am Kevin Wood

Founder of The Wood Group Tucson

I remember the first time I realized what I was meant to do. It didn’t come to me in a flash of light or a dream, it was a gradual realization over time combined with a look back at where I had been. It was a coming to know that had been confirmed again and again, but I’d never really put a name to it. But I knew, and I still know, what it is. I am here to help people – to be in service to others before self. Not just in Tucson, though that is my home, and not just in Real Estate, though that is my profession, but in all aspects of life as well.

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I am here for you

Buying, Selling, Building, or Investment.

Whether or not you are my client – you are my friend, my neighbor, my brother, my sister – and I am here for you. You might be buying or selling a home or interested in land or investment properties – I have you covered for all of that. But you also might need someone who can just listen or patiently offer advice from decades of experience. I am not here to make a sale. I am here to be a bridge from the gap between where you are and where you want to be. 

Helping you navigate real estate pitfalls

There are pitfalls in the journey, there always are, and so the other thing I am here to do is to help you anticipate those, to expertly navigate them, to come out better on the other side. As your realtor, I won’t abandon you to wonder why and how to do anything in the process of buying or selling your home. I will give you a guide map that has all the expected, and even some of the unexpected, stops planned for. And if there are hiccups in the journey that we didn’t anticipate, I will be there for those as well. And at the end of the day, you’ll come through better on the other side.

I promise to be patient and to listen

You might have had, or heard of people who have had, a terrible experience with a realtor at some point in their lives. I am not that realtor. I am different because I have a system that lets me honor all my promises above – to help you navigate, anticipate, and guide – but also because I have integrity and value my word. And my word to you is that your best interests are at the beginning and end of every agreement we make. And through the process of buying or selling your home, I promise to be patient, because that is one of my biggest strengths, and to listen, because that is my other. And then, maybe more important than all of those, I will communicate with you – frequently and clearly – through it all. These character strengths are, in my opinion, not just recommended, but required if you’re going to successfully buy or sell a home or land in Tucson. But they become even more important when my client is a senior – someone who needs and deserves far more time – which I am always happy to give – and far more heart, which I always have to offer. As a Senior real estate specialist, I know how to work with this unique segment of the Tucson population and quite frankly, I love that part of what I do more than probably anything else.

The Wood Group Tucson ranks top 3% of Realtors Nationally

If all of the above isn’t enough to convince you that I am the realtor for you, I also want to share with you, from MLS data I have collected and can show you, that the way I partner with my clients pays off in the end because the homes that I sell in Tucson, on average, put 2% more money in my client’s pockets per sale and I rank in the top 3% of realtors nationally each year. But, for me, it’s not really about the numbers, it’s about our relationship. I don’t just leave our commitment after the home sale is complete. I become a resource for you that you can call on for advice later, for questions, or just to say hello. I am who I say I am before, during, and after your Tucson home buying or selling experience.

The Desert Quiet recharges my batteries

Is there more to me than being a Tucson realtor? Absolutely. I am devoted to my faith, my family (my wife of 20 years and two sons), my garden and pets (two doggos and two 40 year old Tortoises). Golf is my game of choice and you’ll find me, in my downtime, playing 9 or 18 holes here in Tucson, but also dreaming about playing Augusta National or the old course at St. Andrews. I also am an avid hiker and mountain biker, both of which give me the freedom to go far and wide where the desert quiet recharges my batteries, helps me find my center and gives me what I need to be there for my family, and for you.

So let’s connect.

We’ll be there for you from start to finish, and after. That’s our commitment and our word. 

The Wood Group Tucson

Transaction Manager

Jessica Gaytan

Born on Christmas Day 1980, here in Tucson, Arizona.  I’ve spent most of my days here with exception to living a few years in San Antonio, Texas. Tucson has always felt like home to me though. During my time away from the Old Pueblo a career in real estate began as an office manager for a real estate property manager. A terrific foundation was built managing hundreds of rental homes and real estate investors. The business was intriguing and the pace enjoyable.

Soon after moving back to Tucson in 2012 I began searching for a work- from- home opportunity in real estate. It came quickly from a “Transaction Manager” ad on craigslist, which is how I met Kevin Wood. He took a huge chance and put me under his wing. Sales began a new side of real estate to learn. It peaked my interest and challenged me pursue this field further.

A couple years after I started working with Kevin, my husband and I purchased our first home. We also welcomed our our fourth child (Sarah). At present I’m happily married and enjoying a wonderful career of over 7 years working with Kevin. During my time as a Transaction Manger, my knowledge and experience has expanded significantly. Mostly because I just love people! It’s an absolute pleasure serving others. It’s no surprise many clients have become great friends. My years in the business have provided the opportunity and challenge to manage hundreds of transactions and dozens of short sales.  

My nickname soon after starting with the Wood Group has been the “Paperwork Whisperer”.  Details, to do lists, and deadlines come second nature.  Although my other nickname after 4pm is “Mother Goose”. How fitting! 

Clients Say

“Kevin and his team sold one of our properties for 15% OVER the list price. At first we were skeptical, and now we are true believers in Kevin’s ideas and processes.”David

“We’ve sold three different properties with Kevin. One of which couldn’t be sold by other realtors. Once we put it on the market with Kevin, we had a solid offer in less than 30 days.” Heidi & Allen T.