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Fire Safety Tips For Your Tucson Home – Why To Close Before You Doze

In the last few month’s we’ve had two friends experience substantial fires causing terrible smoke and structural damage throughout their homes. And then last week another friend sent the video which is below.

Watching the video and hearing about the pain and challenges of having your normal life routine turned upside down is just plain difficult.  These events got me to researching everything I could find about house fires and how reduce the risk of having one happen.  Although this isn’t an enjoyable topic it’s one worth sharing.

Here’s What We Found From The American Red Cross and Tucson Fire Department

  • The 2 peak months for house fires are December and January and the most common room for fires to start are the kitchen.
  • Most fires occur while your home between the hours of 5 and 8 pm and Saturday’s and Sunday are the most common days of the week.

Tucson Home Search iconWhat surprised me most about the video is the speed a fire can spread nowadays.  Today’s furnishings are made of synthetic materials which burn 4 times faster than the cotton filled cushions from years ago.

Secondly, we have devices and cords plugged in throughout our homes and many have lithium powered batteries that not only get hot but sometimes explode if left plugged in.

Fire Safety Tips from Tucson Fire and The American Red Cross

  1. Have a plan with your wife, kids, and family. Know your exits before an emergency strikes.
  1. Name a meeting place like your neighbor’s mailbox for example. Stay there until everyone is accounted for.
  1. Never leave anything on a stove unattended. Keep pot handles out of reach of small hands and big paws because most fires start in the kitchen.
  1. Don’t leave cords plugged into devices. Unplug fully charged phones and laptops from the device and outlet.