How much Can I sell my house for?



A Professional Equity Assessment Report (PEAR) goes far beyond “how much can I sell my house for?” and instead answers the question that you really want to know: “how much equity do you have in your home?” It’s also the perfect way to discover positive financial alternatives for the cash value of your home.

Professional Equity Assessment Report (PEAR)

Your complimentary pEAR report includes:

Market value of your home Know what your home's worth in today's market. Your PEAR Report will determine your property's value.

Amount of equity in your home Equity is the amount of your home you own "free and clear". Learn the steps to take now to ensure your mortgage is paid off before retirement!

4 ways to improve your personal finances Beefing up your finances to buy a house? You will receive four tips to improve your personal finances.

19 Important financial data points Equity in your home gives you the leverage to create an emergency fund, pay off debt, make home improvements, and much more. Let your unique situation and needs determine how to best invest and protect your financial future.

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