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Home Seller Tip #77: RULE OF TEN

  • States when selling your home that has been shown 10 times and you don’t have an offer usually means your home is priced 5% to 10% over what the buyers in the market are willing pay for it.
  • Secondly, if you don’t have 10 showings in 21 days that is another indicator your home is over priced.
  • Selling a home isn’t rocket science but pricing it right is. Access to closed home sales, terrific photography and video, and excellent devices to see them on has caused homes for sale to be shown in person less than before.  Therefore, buyers who don’t walk through your front door have written off your house because all the easy to find data available is telling them it’s not a good value.  And contrary to popular belief buyers determine market value by what they’re willing to pay.
  • Therefore, as a Tucson home seller use this knowledge and price your home right from day one so you can lead the market not chase it.  Remember, you’re house is entering a competition.  This is one important step to what you must do to WIN.  

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