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Tucson, Arizona’s Golfer Realtors

May 17, 2018, Author: Kevin Wood


The Golfing Realtors of Tucson, Arizona

Mitch and and I are excited to bring you a new golf course review at least a couple times per month including one of the over 35 unique golf courses Tucson and the surrounding area has to offer.  Southern Arizona has a vast topography and diverse set of golfing experiences we want to provide you with our own unique insight to each course based on our golfing experience and expertise.  Many of Tucson’s golf courses are what we call desert or target golf. Unlike a traditional golf course were many of the golf holes run side by side and grass covers the entire area, a desert course does not.  A desert course rarely has holes adjacent to one another and there is typically much less grass and landing areas. This oftentimes proves for a much more difficult recovery when you miss the fairway and requires a few extra golf balls too. 

Get to know Former Golf Pro Mitch Powers

Mitch grew up in Phoenix, AZ and enjoyed playing just about every sport as a kid but golf was his passion. After high school, he graduated from New Mexico State University in 1991 and promptly moved back to the Phoenix area. He worked at Red Mountain Ranch Country Club from 1991 to 2016. While at Red Mountain he  did a variety of jobs and spent his last 18 years as a golf professional where he provided golf instruction and playing lessons  to the public and membership. His positive, friendly, and calm demeanor made him a fast favorite among his pupils.

In 2005 he became licensed to sell real estate in the state of Arizona and has been working as a full-time Realtor for nearly 2 years. He enjoys all aspects of real estate especially investing and believes properly purchased real estate will be an asset for a lifetime.  Mitch also enjoys trading the derivatives market, cooking and working out at the gym.



Meet the other Golfer Realtor and Long time Caddy Kevin Wood

Kevin epitomizes integrity, hard work, and enthusiasm in every detail of your real estate transaction. He grew up just north of the Ohio Michigan near Toledo, Ohio in small town Temperance, Michigan where he dreamed of moving to San Diego to open a Veterinarian practice. His love for animals continues while his passion for the kitchen and ice carving altered his career path as well. He spent eight years in the restaurant business and culinary school before beginning a sales career with Honda Automobiles. For seven of his ten years at Brown Honda he was among the top 5% of sales consultants nationally for unit volume and overall customer satisfaction and best of all that’s where he met his wife, Stacie. That little black Civic in May of 1998 was the best sale of my life.

A loop with Charles Barkley

For 5 years he cut his teeth in real estate by investing in single family homes to rent and sell. This experience prepared him for the big move west in 2005 where he began a career in residential real estate. Tucson Medical Center recruited my wife and since her mom was a Tucson native the decision was a no-brainer, coupled with the fact you can play golf and hike every day of the year. My interest in golf began at age 14 when I began caddying at Highland Meadows Country Club and a few years later at nearby Sylvania Country Club in Sylvania, Ohio.

After a couple years looping I was hooked and began playing too. Years later my experience and knowledge of the Toledo golf courses afforded me the opportunity to caddy for many local and visiting golf pro’s, several of which were LPGA regular’s who came to town for the Jamie Farr Toledo Classic. And one other famous basketball player not known for his golfing prowess. One Sir Charles Barkley. Charles was a much better golfer in 1993 than today.  If I remember correctly he hit not one but two people on the final hole and then chipped in for birdie. Thank goodness we were playing a scramble that day! 

Kevin is the father of two boys and loves the Lord. When I’m not coaching a baseball team, having a nerf gun war, or playing basketball on the trampoline or in the driveway, you can find me mountain bike riding at Fantasy Island, hiking the Rincon’s or teeing it up at Del Lago or Fred Enke. My favorite hike so far was a two night backpacking trip to Manning Camp near Mica Mountain where we encountered an intense thunderstorm and 1 inch hail. A experience that’ll be embedded in my memory for years to come.

My sales career began in 1996 and I’m thankful it all started at Honda. Their sales and product training definitely equal the quality of their tremendous product. This coupled with the guidance of two excellent sales managers at Brown Honda in Karen Burtscher and Loren Anderson. Their coaching, friendship, and encouragement built the foundation I’m continuing to grow on today. The follow through I learned remains the cornerstone of my 22 years of success along with a high knowledge, low pressure approach to serving people. I believe this ideal along with always putting the best interests of others first. 

If you’re considering a move to Tucson and want to meet with us please don’t hesitate to reach us. We can meet at our office or tee it up at one our favorite courses! With dozens to choose from we’ll help to fit the one best suited to your game.  There’s never any obligation when you do. Thank you again for reading our post!


Tucson’s Golfer Realtors



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