Tuesday Tip: “Don’t Think Like A Homeowner When Selling”

From Homeowner to home seller.. it’s a subtle but important difference savvy sellers appreciate. selling your home is an emotional experience however you don’t want your emotions to a cloud your decision making. 

Think about what you would do if you were going to sell your car. To get the best price you would wash it inside and out you’d vacuum the carpets have the upholstery shampoo. You would hide or change any orders and spray the inside with that new car sent of course you’d remove all your personal items at this point you are no longer emotionally attached to the car because your goal is to sell for the highest possible price to accomplish this you want your car looking good and neutral and ready for that new Happy owner to get behind the wheel and drive away. 

This is the same mindset you have to have when selling your house. Remember to maximize your sale price in minimize your stress you’re not a homeowner you’re a home seller.