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Tuesday Tip: Generations of Home Buyers

 A strong economy and lower mortgage rates have made it easier for many would-be buyers to get into the housing market. Today we’ll talk about which cities each generation of homebuyer is moving to and why.

The top markets for the millennial set are NOT the more glamorous trendy cities and the higher price coasts boasting the best music festivals and hottest restaurants and bars instead they’re smaller more affordable metros with lots of good jobs.

Got to love the affordability of Scranton Pennsylvania

The top picks for the Gen xers are not necessarily cheap as they have stronger economies but they do have relatively good affordability when it comes to square footage

Baby boomers are often less concerned with thriving job markets and living in huge houses as hopefully their children have fallen the coup they often want to live in warmer climates with top-notch healthcare facilities where their dollars will stretch
Hopefully it comes as no surprise but our beloved Tucson leads the pack as the most desirable City for baby boomers

Whether capitalizing on job opportunities, affordability, or warm-weather places to retire, Americans are making moves to these top cities to take advantage of the strength in the current housing market.

Wherever you’re considering moving get in touch to learn the best questions to ask and how to find the top shelf agents to serve your needs.