You are currently viewing Which Home Improvements Will Pay off? Affordable updates that add Value to your home.

Which Home Improvements Will Pay off? Affordable updates that add Value to your home.

6 Easy Low-Cost Home Projects to Tackle While Staying at Home

I have noticed how many family and friends are using their time at home doing household projects. There is only so much Screen watching you can do before restlessness kicks in. Extended time indoors has become an opportunity to tackle those long-avoided home projects.

From painting your front door to adding flowering plants, here are 6 low-cost home projects you can do while at home. Of course, many to do’s on this list are based on supplies that you probably already have at home thus avoiding Home Depot and Lowes long lines.

Here is a checklist for your 6 Easy Low-Cost Home Projects…
  1. Paint front door
  2. Paint interior doors
  3. Paint main living area
  4. Add flowering plant in pots near front door
  5. Add plant that smells good near front & back door
  6. Install brighter natural light LED light bulbs throughout home

Your Budget Improvements Start with Painting
Whether you are preparing your home to sell or want a home that is inviting, begin with painting your front door, interior doors, or your main living area. A professional painter will charge anywhere from $400 to $600 to paint a room, but with extra time, you can freshen up your space yourself. For a 10 foot x 10 foot room, you will two, one-gallon can of paint.

The Latest Craze: Gardening
People that had never gardened before are turning to it as their new pastime. It’s therapeutic. Seeing your seeds grow into a plant gives you hope for the future. Whether you already have a flowering plant or are growing your own, add them near the front and back door. Add bonus points if they smell great.

Natural Light Helps Improve Wellbeing
Natural light has health benefits. To take advantage, install brighter natural light LED bulbs throughout the house. The bright light will mimic natural outdoor lighting making you feel wonderful. Lighting is also very important if you are trying to sell a home. A dark house isn’t nearly as inviting as a bright one.

Which Home Improvements Give You the Best Return on Investment (ROI)?

You may be looking at your house and asking where you should improve it. Here is my Top 6 Home Updates that will pay off.
Check out this quick list from largest return on investment to the smallest…
  1. Colorful landscaping — 105% ROI
  2. Minor bathroom remodel —102%
  3. Minor kitchen remodel — 99%
  4. Hardware replacement — 96%
  5. Steel security door — 95%
  6. Popcorn ceiling removal — 90%

According to the American Nursery Landscape Association, the average homeowner will spend about $5,000 for landscaping and design. For many homeowners in older neighborhoods $1000 would go a long way toward improving curb appeal. Whatever you do start with a splash of eye-catching color. Also vary the heights and shapes, and sizes of your shrubs and plants. Not only will you enjoy an outdoor haven, if you are selling, you will get a 105% percent return on your investment (ROI).

Minor Bathroom Remodel
Even the best of us find we need quality time in our bathrooms. You don’t have to put up with your current bathroom if you do not like it. It will cost about $10,000 – $11,000 to replace your tub and tile surround, upgrade your toilet, install a vanity and some new fixtures. If you are selling your home, you will get back an average of $10,500 or about a 102% ROI.

Minor Kitchen Remodel
A minor kitchen remodel is not about changing the layout, it is about cosmetic updates. A $15,000 kitchen may include cabinet refacing, a new wall oven, sink and fixtures, laminate countertops and vinyl plank flooring. The ROI for a kitchen… if you are selling your home, the return investment in a kitchen remodel is 99%.

Gold Hardware Replacement
Replace your home hardware, like light fixtures and door handles / knobs, that looks like it came from another century. If you have nickel and gold in one room and wrought iron in another, decide which style you prefer and replace the mismatched items. If your selling, gold hardware is not popular. The good news…
internal door knobs are around $10 apiece, making this a low-cost improvement with a 96% return on your investment.

Steel Security Door Installation
Replacing your front door with a new steel door has several advantages. It is easy to maintain and is often cheaper than a wood or fiberglass door. Steel doors are also considered better for security and fire safety too. The average cost of an entry door replacement is about $1,300. The benefit is it’s the first thing you or your potential buyers see and the return on investment is 95%. First impressions matter which is why front yard landscaping and front doors must shine!

Popcorn Ceiling Removal
Popcorn ceilings are not for everyone. They catch dust and materials that will discolor your ceiling over time plus they date your home the same way gold does. Gold was trendy in the 90’s. If you Google popcorn ceiling removal, you will find plenty of how-to-videos. After the popcorn is removed, you will need to apply new texture and paint. The good news… if you are selling your home, you will get back a 90% return on your investment.

We don’t know what the economy will look like three or six months from now. If you hold off on listing your home, you run the risk of doing so at a time when the housing market as a whole most likely will go down. End result you’re less likely to get the asking price you want.

Worst Home Improvements

Unfortunately, not every remodeling project will bring a return on investment. Remodeling your home is a personal decision and sometimes there are projects that you want to do for yourself even though it will not drive up your home’s resale value.

Check out this popular but low return on investment projects.

  • Home office overhauls
  • Swimming pools—add them for enjoyment not return on investment. Most pools add just $10,000 to $15,000 in value and usually cost at least $25,000.
  • Specialized spaces

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