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Why Is Owning Better Than Renting a Tucson Home?

A house is more than just a pile of materials for the purpose of a shelter. A home is more than just the place where your family can rest their heads. Creating an abode to really call your own, one that you’ve worked for, is one of the most definitive ways to experience tangible success in life.


Imagine walking through your front door and looking around at your space, a space you really put your mark on. For years to come, this space will belong to you and your family and will be the centerpiece for your time together as a unit.

Imagine the pride you’ll feel as you become your own handyman or handy woman and learn how to utilize tools and knowledge to create a safer and more functional home. Imagine the freedom you’ll experience when you finally breakup with your landlord and start living for you and your family. All of these experiences are within reach by way of home ownership.

Owning a home is one sure fire way to count on increasing personal asset wealth. Compared to car for example, homes tend to not only hold onto their values over time, but increase in value. Due to a home’s many aesthetic or structural possibilities, there are countless ways to add value and appeal, such as remodeling a bathroom, improving curb appeal by landscaping, or updating fixtures.

You could rarely if ever do this with a car or most any personal item. You can usually rely on the market value of your property and the neighborhood to increase, which helps everyone. Keep in mind that this can take some time and it depends on local market conditions. 

It is recommended that you talk with a CPA or tax expert regarding benefits of paying mortgage interest. It is also always possible that if it came down to brass tax, you could borrow against equity build-up. The equity of your home is how much of it you actually own. Whatever you’ve already paid off is now free to be applied towards another investment. As time goes on and your debt to the loan decreases as you pay it, your equity grows.